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Everything was made very easy on my end & the work was done well & efficiently.

Jillian W.

Daysman completed the replacement of my roof and I am very satisfied with the work. The salesman and other staff of Daysman are really good people, and the roofers they employ were very courteous and take pride in their work. After the work was completed, I compared my new roof to one of the neighbor’s roof done by another company, and I’m glad to have had Daysman replace my roof.

Jon K.

We were one of the homes effected from the Spring tornadoes in Arlington. After getting several roofing estimates we decided to hire Daysman Roofing and Construction. Our decision was based on their honesty, promptness, courteous attitudes and their integrity. The roofing job was completed in one day 6:45AM-7:00PM and we now have a beautiful new roof. The job clean up was amazing…nails were swept by a magnetic sweeper and all roofing shingles, tar paper were hauled away. I also have many plants around the roof line and not a single one was damaged. Thanks Daysman for doing an outstanding job!!! Hopefully we won’t need another roof for a long time but with this Texas weather…one never knows. We will be calling if the need arises. God Bless.

Ruth D.

I recommend this roofing company. They are very straight forward, explain the process and working out all of your out of pocket before they perform the work. They completed my 2400 sq ft home roof in one day. Additionally, I talked to their contractor/workers in Spanish, and they told me they were a good company that treated them fairly. They are very knowledgeable and know the law when it comes to filing a claim for your roof. They made me aware that in Texas has a right to get an independent adjuster. You do not have to accept the adjuster from your insurance company. I recommend this company to anybody looking to get a roof.

Gerardo G.

What a blessing it was choosing Daysman to replace my roof. They worked closely and quickly with my insurance and had my best interest at heart. This was my first experience with roofers and they guided me through the whole process. Not only did I get a beautiful roof, but my insurance paid for a 20 year roof and Daysman provided a 25 year roof. They noticed the damage the storm had caused to the gutters and a window and were relentless when working with the insurance adjuster to ensure that they be replaced–they are beautiful. I shared with them, that I have an extremely high electric bill in the summer and with turbine and roof modifications my August electric bill is noticeably less! Not only did their representative come out to ensure the job was done correctly, but the owner, himself, stopped by to inspect every aspect of the job to ensure I was completely satisfied–I was! I definitely recommend Daysman Roofing to my family, friends and anyone who I hear needing their roof replaced!

Ortencia D.